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Maui Mokka

Maui Mokka
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Origin- Lahaina, Hawaii
Farm- Maui Grown
Producer- Kimo Falconer
Altitude- 300′-1000′
Varietal- Mokka
Process- Natural
Roast- Medium

Lemon aroma, striking chocolate, nut and atomic fireball flavors, toffee in the long. An incredibly accessible profile through the espresso machine with deep, rich amber hues.

We began some of our earliest varietal explorations in Hawaii on the island of Kauai back in 1997. For us, these coffees helped us begin to develop our understanding of the relationship between coffee varietal and terroir. Thanks to Kimo Falconer and his Maui Grown project, we have been able to continue this dialog with Hawaiian coffees on the island of Maui.

For several years we have been drawn to a light roast treatment of the Maui Yellow Caturra varietal. This year, once again, we have cherry picked the Maui Mokka and applied a medium roast treatment particularly geared for espresso preparation. This startlingly tiny coffee seed is not merely a novelty of miniature proportions. It hails from age old roots in Yemen and thanks to Kimo’s finesse and diligence as farmer and miller, it brings new light to the relationship between Hawaiian territory and Yemeni cultivar.

A huge thanks to everyone at Maui Grown for this beautiful offering!

This coffee is a part of the Barrington Green Seal Program© which preserves the vibrancy of the green coffee by storing it in an hermetically sealed environment before roasting.

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