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Origin- Karnataka, India
Altitude- 3800-4400′
Varietal- S-795
Process- Washed, sun dried on patio and raised beds
Roast- Medium

Sweet, delicate, buttery and creamy with filbert and milk chocolate flavors.

This super smooth cup is basked in classic Indian character. It is grown in the Western Ghat mountains by D.M. Purnesh who owns and stewards this land. His complex approach to poly-culture farming includes providing a dense shade canopy of silver oak, jack fruit and fig with companion planting in the understory of vanilla, cardamom, and pepper vines. The orchard is home to a broad diversity of fauna including Jungle Pigeon, owl, deer, fox and wild boar.

The farm dates back to 1865 when it was first established by the British. In 1950, the farm changed hands to Purnesh and, in turn, has undergone several changes regarding the coffee varieties planted there. The S-795 variety is now the primary cultivar. S-795 was created in the 1940’s by crossing two older Indian varieties, Kents and S-288.

This coffee shines in the press and as espresso. Let us know if you would like further details or our suggestions for preparation. Enjoy!

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