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Sumatra Wahana

Sumatra Wahana
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Region- Sidkalang, Northern Sumatra
Locality- Lake Toba
Producer- Wahana Estate
Altitude- 4265-4920′
Varietal- Rasuna
Process- Natural, sun dried
Roast- Light

Heady aromatics of chocolate and ripe grape. Flavors dance from fresh strawberry to maraschino; from sandalwood and ginger to mezcal. Character intensifies on cool down.

This is a first for us…a natural process coffee from Indonesia. And wow is it clean! There are no overripe tones with these dramatic berry flavors. Only pure, focused, ripe qualities. If you are one who typically shies away from natural process coffees, this is a must try.

Wahana Estate was founded in 2005. At Wahana, fruit and vegetables are also produced and processed along with the coffee. Coffee harvest runs from March through June when natural, pulped natural, washed and wet hulled coffee processing methods are all employed. Strict attention is devoted to individual varietal cultivation and segregation. The particular varietal of this coffee is Rasuna which is a hybrid between Caturra and Typica. Their coffee is shade grown and no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers are used in their production.

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